Tort Bunnies: Mr. and Mrs. Carrot

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Principal Case

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November 23, 2009. Is Tort Bunny strictly liable for the harm caused by a hot air balloon? She is if you consider hot air ballooning to be an abnormally dangerous activity. See Guille v. Swan, 19. Johns. (N.Y.) 381 (1822). Can Mr. Carrot sue for negligent infliction of emotional distress, especially given his close relationship to Mrs. Carrot and contemporaneous observance of the injury? No, he's a carrot.

Some notes on general comic stuff: although I'm releasing this about 5 hours later than I normally do because of other unforeseen things I had to do (normal release date is Monday at 5AM, UTC), this one actually didn't take that long, mostly because I elected not to put facial expressions on the carrots. Also, if you don't get this comic, that might be because I'm relying pretty heavily on an inside joke for my Torts class. I'll try to keep that to a minimum in the future. Thanks to Prof. Levy for the joke and to Chad for the prompt.

Oh, and yes, Tort Bunny is keeping her pink bow.


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