Tort Bunnies: Law School Prom

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November 16, 2009. Yes, Tort Bunny has feelings too -- depending on where this comic falls in the Tort Bunnies timeline, this may be the root of all her future tortious conduct. Or maybe she's just inherently a bad apple. In any case, I advise against reading too deeply into this one.

Also, thanks to Margaret for the prompt. I made this slightly after the Berkeley Law Foundation's annual auction / dance / dress-up-and-drink event, which is often described as Boalt's Law School Prom, although I think the actual "Law School Prom" phrase is reserved for the Barristers' Ball. In addition, see the Mexican Party Bus.

For tortious interference with a contract, see Lumley v. Gye, (1853) 2 El. & Bl. 216, Texaco v. Pennzoil, 729 S.W..2d 768 (Tex. App. 1987). For the incapacity of a minor to make a contract, see Webster St. Partnership v. Sheridan, 368 N.W.2d 439 (Neb. 1985). Compare to Shields v. Gross, 448 N.E.2d 108 (N.Y. 1983). FYI: If you Google the last one, you may encounter scandalous NSFW material.

And yeah, I guess speech bubbles are here to stay. They allow me to place text in space normally reserved for the rabbits.


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