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June 04, 2012. Some context:

BarBri has been having issues with its AMP software.

BarBri lecturer David G. Epstein uses the phrase "Armadillos From Texas Play Rap, Eating Tacos" as a mnemoic for the major areas of contract law: Applicable law, Formation, Terms, Performance, Remedies, Excused performance, and Third party issues. His hypos almost always involve grits, his 1973 Cadillac, Sharon Stone, Kinky Friedman, or Professor Richard J. Conviser.

Under the Uniform Commercial Code, in a shipment contract, the risk of loss passes from seller to buyer when the seller (1) gets the goods to a common carrier, (2) makes reasonable arrangements for delivery, and (3) notifies the buyer. The phrase F.O.B., followed by the seller's location, indicates a shipment contract.


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